Sonic Wave I Product Features

Sonic Wave I Product Features

Simple, flexible audio tool for professionals

Extraordinary experiences with virtual room acoustics and natural spatial renderings.
Provides simple multi-room / layer capabilities.
Seamless adaptability maintaining the venue's aesthetic with reduced amount of loudspeakers.
Employs easy to use interfaces.
Integrates wave field synthesis in a complete, cost effective turnkey system.
Nothing extra when you have the Wave I
Don't lose time anymore during your installation setup. Sonic Emotion's Sonic Wave I offers two separate interfaces for your installation and production through the WaveDesigner and WavePerformer.

By aligning ourselves to the environment, you easily become venue independent of your production making it possible from one efficient installs to several.

Audio Input

– Live mixing console – External audio workstation

Wave I

– Live source from Audio Input – Internal Player – Control over Ethernet


– DA Converters – Amplifiers


– Active Speakers – Bi-Amp & Tri-Amp systems

Wave Performer
Program presets for your stereo or surround content with up to 32 channels. During operations in your venue, simply select the preprogrammed preset on the processor and start the show. You are also enabled to interactively move around the sound sources to deliver an amazing listening experience.
Control Options
A variety of plugins for the most commonly used interfaces: i.e., Coolux Media Manager, OSC, AU, MAX MSP.
Built-in Equalizer
For best energy distribution, sound coloration and calibration of high power speakers when tuning the system.
Preset Memory
With the possibility to freely customize your virtual sound sources in an unlimited number of presets.
Wave Designer
Define the size of your room and program the position of your speakers (up to 32 or 64) within minutes, with the easy-to-use graphical user interface. The processor then calculates the delay, gain and directivity adjustments for the integrated sound system.
Innovative, Enhanced Flexibility
Even if your venue has multiple systems to control, your environments can be easily configured to various applications such as theaters, clubs and live events.
Full Loudspeaker Management
All outputs can be equalized and protected, including multi-way system alignment possibilities (crossover, delay and gain).
Venue Independent Production
Design your sound-stage fulfilling the requirements of the artist and the venue.
Video Tutorials
The Sonic Wave1 features advanced equalization and loudspeaker management possibilities.
Each output can be equalized individually to account and compensate for the loudspeaker deficiencies and the influence of the local environment

The Sonic Wave 1 provides 8 parametric peak filters, low and shelving filters, low and high pass filters with adjustable slope (from 12 to 48 dB) for state of the art tuning possibilities. The equalization can be performed individually or by group of speakers for ease of use.

Additionally, each speaker can be routed to multiple outputs in order to directly feed multi-way systems without any additional equipment required.

Up to 3way systems are supported with online modification of corner frequencies, gain, delay and limiter for each band.

Inputs can also be equalized individually or globally.

This equalization steps is totally independently from the output based EQ, enabling the user to further tune the sound to his taste without affecting the output based fine tuning from the installer. A total of 8 parametric peak filters, low and shelving filters are available for each input.

The Sonic Wave I enhanced and powered with the best plugins
To control sound source positions with real time movements and recordable automation paths in most popular Digital Audio Workstation, Wave I automation VST plugin allows creating spatial soundscapes with automated trajectories using venue independent source positioning in angle and distance or X and Y positions. Create your content in a studio on a small loudspeaker setup and port it to large venue (concert hall, theater, stadium) with a completely different loudspeaker arrangement without requiring any content adaptation! Available for Windows 7&8 on 32 bit digital audio workstations and validated on Reaper 4, Nuendo 6, Cubase 5, Ableton Live 9, Samplitude 11.
The DJ Tools control Sonic Emotion’s Wave1 processor to spatialize stereo sounds from your standard sources (CDs, LPs, mp3s, …) and standard DJ software (Traktor, Ableton Live, Serato, …) providing homogeneous sound level reproduction all over the dancefloor and advanced 3D sound control functionalities with user-friendly interfaces. Two stereo inputs can be used in order to combine the main mix with effect or mashup channels, with independent 3D controls. The package comprises a standalone interface showing an efficient representation of 3D sound positioning and an iPad interface based on Lemur ( allowing for direct control of sound positioning, recording of macro, advanced automated trajectories synchronized to the beat (control over ½, 1, 2, 4 bars, automatic synchronization with Traktor), and the LeapMotion controller (beta, under OSX only).
The Sonic Wave I allows outside control through the possibilities of Open Source Control. By opening up the Wave I, we invite the ability to access and control any parameter, any source position and send messages on the Wave I. Additionally, create your own patches and interfaces to work with the Wave I... even on an iPad if you desired. Outside OSC software that can be used are touchOSC ( and Lemur (
Show Control
Media Manager

The Media Manager redefines realtime media editing and playback control. This standalone software allows synchronization and remote network control of the Sonic Wave I HD. Use the Media Manager show control software to prepare your show and work with cues and timeline based automations.

Audio and video show control - Coolux and Sonic Emotion

The integration of Sonic Emotion’s 3D sound technology in the coolux 3D video environment, enables the first full show control solution for 3D sound and 3D video on one platform. Program your video and audio content the same way in the timeline based show control software Media Manager, then spread the content to the Pandoras Box Media Server and the Sonic Wave I HD 3D sound processor. During the show, the two processors are controlled by the Media Manager through network, allowing a stable, synchronized playback of the sound and video content.

Technical Specifications:
Sonic Wave I

Wave field synthesis rendering unit for processing of up to 24 input and up to 64 output channels

Audio Inputs

Digital MADI (coaxial or optical) or ADAT (Ultralight only), Internal playback engine (HD option)

32 16(Ultralight)

Audio Outputs

Digital MADI (coaxial or optical) or ADAT (Ultralight only)

32/64 16(Ultralight)

Audio Processing

Sample rate and bit depth

48 kHz 24 Bit


SSD (HD Version Only)

250 GB


Ethernet / LAN (RJ45)



Processing-Time: End-to-End

5.6 ms

Power Supply

Power (max)


Required AC Mains

230 Volts / 50 Hz with PFC 115 Volts / 60 Hz with PFC

5.0A 8.0A

AC Mains Connector

Integrated EMI Filter



19″ Rack Case (Rack Units) 430 x 480 x 180 mm (W x D x H)


Safety Standard


The Technology
Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D sound technology enables the ultimate experience sound field control by combining the world’s most advanced sciences to reproduce stunning 3D sound experience.

In conventional setups only listeners in the center of the loudspeakers are in the sweet spot and therefore get the impression that the sound is reproduced spatially. With the Sonic Wave I, everyone perceives the perfect, spatial audio image regardless of their position in the room. The sweet spot is therefore enlarged to the whole room. Installation is easy and flexible, plus you will get free software updates in the future.

Spatial analysis

Spatial analysis is performed on the sound input using time – and frequency representations of the incoming signals. In this way, the incoming sound format is transformed into a 3D representation of a desired sound field, where diffuse sound sources and localizable sound sources become distinguished virtual sound sources. Further, for any localizable virtual sound source is given it’s desired positioning by learning from the stereophonic input where a listener should hear the source from.

Physical Acoustic

Physical Acoustic treatment of the output filtering stage allows us to optimize the sound. As loudspeakers are not ideal point sources but exhibit potentially complex linear and non-linear insufficiencies, we take care to use each loudspeaker at it’s best, minimizing distortion and maximizing output level given a desired frequency response. We want your brand to sound like it should!

Sound Field Control
Wave field synthesis

Wave field synthesis is used to physically control sound waves propagation in space by combining the sound of several loudspeakers using frequency-dependent levels and delays for each sound source.


Using Psycho-acoustics we take care to process the incoming sound in a way that will not result in audible and disturbing artifacts when listening. This is assured for any type of content from music listening to movie watching including sports or news material. The sound experience will always be crisp and clear for all sounds that are meant to be heard that way, while ambient sounds are strongly involving, allowing you to enjoy a lot of spaciousness.

Meet the experts
Take a closer look behind the human touch to our technology.
Renato Pellegrini
Co-Founder / CEO
PhD from Ruhr University of Bochum on 3D audio, 2001
Diploma in Electrical Engineering: ETH Zürich, 1996
18 years audio background (Studer Professional Audio)
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