Editing and Rendering for the next generation of 3D sound.
The EDISON 3D project aims at helping the development of 3D audio content and technology by facilitating the adoption of upcoming 3D formats throughout the production and sound reproduction chain.
Why The Edison Project?
Shift of paradigm in 3D sound formats, from channel based (audio channels directly played back to loudspeakers intended to be located at defined positions, e.g. stereo or 5.1) to object based (audio scene described as sources with associated positions, independently of loudspeaker positions).
Anticipate the arrival of native 3D sound formats on objects to the professional and consumer world.
Offer concrete solutions for production and rendering of these complex formats in production studios and at home entertainment experiences.
Provide new visualization and interaction techniques for improving the production of 3D sound content and interaction at the consumer end.
Improve production pipeline by adapting existing content and miking techniques to 3D.
Rendering of full 3D, including height with a minimum number of devices at home.
  • 2
    Télécom-Paristech, AAO - Audio Acoustics and Waves
    - Format adaption using advanced source separation techniques

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    Télécom-Paristech, IC2 group Visualization and Advanced Interfaces
    - 3D sound representation and manipulation

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    Radio France
    - Technology watch, closed loop user feedback in interaction with scientific terms.

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    Sonic Emotion Labs
    - Coordination of projects
    - 3D sound rendering
    - Integration of components
  • ecole
    Ecole Polytechnique, Solids Mechanics Laboratory (LMS)
    - Loudspeaker radiation modeling and optimization

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    L'Agence nationale de la recherche
    - ANR CONT INT program
    - Ranked in the top 10% of the project call
    - Start date: November 2013
    - Duration: 42 months (3 1/2 years)
    - 5 partners, total of 424 men/month
    Université de Bretagne Occidentale
    - Evaluation and dissemination through sound engineer students

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