Onkyo iLunar 3D Sound Dock

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Onkyo iLunar 3D Sound Dock
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The iLunar`s RBX-500 Absolute 3D Sound concept is made possible by innovative technology from the Swiss company, Sonic Emotion. With digital signal processing on the stereo audio stream, the locations of sound objects are evaluated and naturally reproduced from their original positions using an array of loudspeakers. As a result, a natural sound field envelops the listener is created.  The patented technology is called sound field control and originates from wave field synthesis, … read more here (PDF, 7.0 Mb).

Available for purchase

Onkyo`s iLunar is now available in selected countries. If in the USA, buy here for your next purchase. Check out more on Onkyo`s website here


Partner Testimonial

“We are delighted to release the new iLunar, which was jointly developed with Sonic Emotion,” said Mr. Nobuaki Okuda, CTO of Onkyo Corporation. “Over the last few years, we’ve been working on creating some exciting new Listening Style Audio systems, and we are gratified by the favorable response in markets around the world. We believe we can continue to provide a dynamic listening experience to customers with our iLunar, which features Sonic Emotion’s Absolute 3D sound technology.”

Download press release here (PDF, 232 Kb)

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