Absolute 3D powered products
Omate TrueSmart

Sonic Emotion First to Install 3D Sound Technology in Wearable Device

More than a watch, more than just a Bluetooth accessory, Omate® TrueSmartTM is a genuine standalone smartwatch that can also work independently from your smartphone.

Key facts

  • The Omate TrueSmart, the world’s smallest wearable smartphone with 3G/2G calling and data capabilities, is the first smartwatch equipped with Sonic Emotion’s Absolute 3D sound technology.
  • Sonic Emotion provides Omate TrueSmart users with its Absolute 3D sound technology for use with Bluetooth headsets.
  • Sonic Emotion’s Absolute 3D sound technology is pre-installed on Omate TrueSmart devices and works in conjunction with Omate’s music player to enhance the music experience.
  • The Omate TrueSmart is a genuine standalone smartwatch that also can work independently from your smartphone, increasing mobility and use cases.
  • Sonic Emotion’s partnership with Omate solidifies the success of the company’s software offerings, making Sonic Emotion a leader in the wearable and consumer electronics industry.