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  • September 13th, 2015
    Sonic Emotion launch in South East Asia with APG

    Etienne Corteel and Raphael Foulon from Sonic Emotion Labs were in Singapore in June 2015 for the launch of the Wave1 in South East Asia with our new partner APG South East Asia.

    This presentation was hosted in the facilities of APG South East Asia where an impressive demo room has been created.

    This joint demo room is one of the illustations of the partnership between APG and Sonic Emotion. Wave1 has been designated by APG as an alternative DSP for loudspeaker management of their entire Dispersion line.

    Read full press release here.

  • February 12th, 2015
    University of Derby at the cutting edge of new sound environments

    The University of Derby will be the first university in the UK to have a Wave1 processor installed.

    Swiss-based company Sonic Emotion are to supply the University with a Wave1 processor on loan. The processor will be used for teaching and academic research by Music and Performing Arts students and staff.

    Sonic Emotion specialise in several fields related to 3D sound for professional applications, including hardware/software design for real time/low latency and interactive sound rendering.

    Following the success of their Wave1 3D in Europe and Northern America, Sonic Emotion are looking to grow their market share in the UK, using the University of Derby as their first demonstration facility.

    John Crossley is the Head of both the MA Music Production and BSc Music Technology with Production at the University of Derby. He said of the project: “3D sound is something we take very seriously here at the University of Derby. We are pleased to be forging strong links with such a state of the art company. Our staff and students can’t wait to get their hands on the kit.”

    Dr Richard Hodges, Deputy Head of Performing Arts, added: “We are delighted that this relationship with Sonic Emotion offers our students the opportunity to be at the forefront of development in 3D sound.”

    Dr Etienne Corteel, Chief Science Officer at Sonic Emotion, commented: “We, at Sonic Emotion are most happy that the students of the University of Derby will experience the Wave1 technology for 3D sound mixing, spatial sound reinforcement and interactive installations. We look forward to hearing about their creations and receiving their feedback.”

    Prospective students and local secondary schools will be able to see a demonstration of the Wave1 processor at the University’s Music Production Show and Music Industry Day, on Tuesday 3 March 2015, at its Markeaton Street site. The processor will also be available for viewing on University Open Days throughout 2015 on:

    • Saturday 28 February
    • Saturday 6 June
    • Friday 19 June
    • Saturday 26 September
    • Saturday 17 October
    • Saturday 21 November

    For more information about the University of Derby’s Music Technology and Production courses please go to:

    For further information on this release, please email Kirsty Reynolds, University of Derby Press and PR Assistant, on 01332 591187 or email:

    Press release on the university of Derby website.

  • November 28th, 2014
    HARMAN’s Studer and Sonic Emotion Present 3D Speaker Management Systems—Mixer Integration Concepts Paper at Tonmeistertagung Conference

    Studer Associate Director of R&D, Peter Glaettli and Etienne Corteel of Sonic Emotion presented a paper titled, 3D Speaker Management Systems – Mixer Integration Concepts last Sunday, 23 November, at the Tonmeistertagung conference in Cologne.

    The paper addresses the benefits of 3D speaker management systems over traditional systems, the differences between these systems, practical implementation practices for 3D speaker management systems, and more.

    “At Studer, we firmly believe 3D sound control has a place in many applications, beyond the highly niche projects where special spatial effects are required,” Glaettli said. “To that end, it’s important to educate the industry on the best ways to implement 3D speaker management systems, while also showing that Studer is integrating with third-party systems, which is key to widespread implementation in the future.”

    Read full press release here.

  • September 1th, 2014
    SonoMag Wave1, DJ Tools

    For the second edition in a row, sonic wave 1 is making the front page of the French SonoMag!

    After the report on sound reinforcement in July/August edition, the article of the September edition focuses on the new DJ tools package of the sonic emotion Wave1. Great testimonial from the demonstration of the tools at SCV audio, the French importer of Traktor.

  • July 24th, 2014
    Amadeus, Solid State Logic & Sonic Emotion Collaborate on ‘Palais en Jazz’ Live Music Event

    Amadeus, Solid State Logic & Sonic Emotion Collaborate on Palais en Jazz (US)Great show at the Palais en Jazz festival in June 2014 with the Sonic WaveI, SSL Live consoles and Amadeus loudspeakers. One quote among others:

    “The combination of Amadeus, Wave1 and SSL Live was fantastic. My only desire would be to work with the same arrangement again, as soon as possible” said Emmanuel FEYRABEND, obviously having enjoyed the working with the sound system.
    Read press release here.

  • July 1th, 2014
    SonoMag Wave1

    Sonic Emotion featured over 14 page article with highlighted interview with Chief Science Officer, Etienne Corteel, about Sonic Wave1.