News and Events

News and events
  • June 4th, 2016
    Paris, France
    Sonic Emotion Labs Paris is hosting a Technical Tour of the 140th AES convention with Ink Production

    We are proud to announce that Sonic Emotion Labs will be hosting a technical tour of the 140th convention of the Audio Engineering Society in Paris on the 4th of June.


    The technical tour will be organized in the building of Ink Production, a leading film mixing facility located downtown Paris that hosts Sonic Emotion Labs offices. Ink Production and Sonic Emotion Labs have created a synergetic approach to sound mixing innovation over the past 8 years.


    The Wave I processor will be demonstrated  in the main mixing stage of the building on a Dolby Atmos compliant loudspeaker layout.


    The Sonic Emotion Labs and Ink Production teams will demonstrate the benefits on the Wave I processor in the context of music production, live and DJing. Frédéric Changenet (sound engineer at Radio France) and Eric Berrard (independent FOH engineer) will be available as special guests and experienced users of the Wave I.


    For more information about the technical tour, visit the website of the AES convention.