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News and events
  • January 18th, 2016
    Paris, France
    Sonic Emotion introduces BinauralWave

    Sonic Emotion is introducing BinauralWave. BinauralWave comes as a replacement of the Wave I 3D sound processor for offline content production in object-oriented format. BinauralWave can perform rendering of your 32 input channels in various formats:


    – Binaural under headphones for on the road adjustments

    – 5.0 or 8.0 loudspeaker rendering in the studio

    – 2.0 for stereo production compatibility


    The content created can be directly played back on WaveI with any valid speaker configuration by simply routing the outputs of your preferred DAW to the WaveI input. No further adjustment required! Create in the train; play back in the Arena!


    One license of BinauralWave is granted for free for any up to date WaveI installation (version 4.X to be upgraded to V4.2). Licenses can be bought by packages for larger installations.


    BinauralWave is mac only so far. We’re working on a windows porting. Stay tuned!


    The Mixage Fou contest celebrates its 7th edition introducing a new category “Object WFS Sonic Emotion”. We offer 20 licenses of BinauralWave to help participants creating content. The winners will be played back over a WaveI installation during the award winning ceremony.