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The ultimate personalized listening experience on the go
Full 3D audio experience in the palm of your hand.
Listen to your iTunes music library in a never before heard quality, that is personalized to your favorite type of headphones. Create your own sound stage through easy to use graphics or pick from one of the presets to personalize your listening experience, no matter where you are. Transform everyday stereo content into works of art through Absolute 3D.
  • "This is the BEST sound enhancement app out there"
  • "This is the BEST sound enhancement app out there"
  • "This is the BEST sound enhancement app out there"
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What's it all about
Headquake app features include
Absolute 3D

Be amazed with the ultimate 3D sound experience. Headquake Pro easily converts flat narrow sounds to an enormous yet perfectly balanced 3D Sound experience surrounding your head – the way sounds should be heard. NOTE: The Headquake Pro experience is meant to be used with your headphones.


We know your headphones are important to you. We let you select your headphone type and the sound quality will be configured to your selection! Branded headphones including: Beats by Dre, UrbanEars, Beyerdynamic, Ferrari, Medion, B & W, Sennheiser and Sony are available with an in-app purchase.

Seamless Integration

Headquake Pro works directly with your iTunes/iPod music library. You just have to download and press play to enjoy!

New Features on Headquake Pro
New Features on Headquake Pro
Player Integration

You’ll have access to an enhanced player that offers better visual player controls with a fun sliding positional sound stage and ambient speakers to maximize your out-of-head 3D listening experience.

Bass & EQ

Allows you to save each of your audio creations to the individual song through the in-app purchase, upgrade benefits package.

Save Settings

A fully customizable bass enhancer and multi-band graphical equalizer with audio control screen, enabling you to further adjust your listening preferences with a selection of pre-sets (Bass, Rock, Live and Jazz).

More Headphones

Additional Headphone types are available via an in-app purchase: Beats by Dre, UrbanEars, Beyerdynamic, Ferrari, Medion, B&W, Sennheiser and Sony.

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  • 4.5 Customer Ratings
News and reviews
News and reviews
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