Absolute 3D powered products

Absolute 3D powered products
The listening experience for your ears
The next generation sound experience has moved on. Discover our new Absolutes.

Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D™ provides a unique solution for immersive sound reproduction by single compact devices, laptops and TVs. Sonic Emotion’s Absolute 3D™ works across the entire listening area, while other solutions are only truly effective within a narrow range in front of the device (the sweet spot). In general, Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D™ is applicable to many shapes ranging from compact boom boxes to large sound bars, as well as Laptops and TVs.

Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D™

  • Works with any input (Stereo, MP3, WAV, Bluetooth)
  • One device, fills the entire room with sound
  • Improves speech intelligibility
  • Includes bass enhancement
  • Hear the sound, not the speakers
Absolute 3D™

Sonic Emotion has created a solution to let several sound devices play together to form the most immersive and natural sound experience ever through its Absolute Party™ solution. It works with any content and doesn’t require any specific audio format. The end users can simply place the sound wherever they want it and can control the music dynamically by means of a smartphone app.

Using Absolute Party™ together with Absolute 3D™ will create the most immersive experience ever and lets the customer interact with the music content in the most intuitive way through a graphical app.

  • Easy to use smartphone app
  • Customers can play with the sound at their fingertip
  • Create a club-like atmosphere and spread the sound all-over
  • No technical experience required!
Absolute Party™

Sound devices such as sound bars, boom boxes or high fidelity sound systems can only sound as good as their environments they play in. Today’s interior room designs in modern housings are acoustically active, quite reverberant, and modify the sound experience. Absolute Precision™ by Sonic Emotion allows the end user to calibrate any loudspeaker or even arrangements of several sound devices inside a room for the most immersive, natural and impressive sound field. It is equally well suited for music, movie or even gaming content and will improve the intelligibility of speech through a more balanced sound field.

Absolute Precision™ will calibrate the sound inside the room

  • Fast and straightforward procedure to calibrate the entire sound system
  • Easy to use smartphone app for measurement process
  • Improves sound for the whole room, not only at the spot where the calibration has been done
Absolute Precision™

Sonic Emotion Absolute Voice™ provides a unique solution for improved voice clarity of single compact devices, laptops and TVs. Sonic Emotion’s Absolute Voice™ works by analyzing the incoming sound and controlling the voice independent from ambient sound and effects. The resulting sound is easier to understand especially by elderly and hearing-impaired people and results in higher end-user satisfaction.

Sonic Emotion Absolute Voice™

  • Best choice solution for TV, sound bars, laptops
  • Separates centered voice from music, effects, and ambience through spatial separation
  • Better intelligibility of speech without compromising sound balance for music and movies


Sonic Emotion has built its unique voice clarity solution around the most advanced spatial sound analysis available in Absolute3D™.

Absolute Voice™
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