Stuttgart Staatstheater Schauspielhaus

Absolute 3D Pro References
Stuttgart Staatstheater Schauspielhaus
Stuttgart, Germany
Permanent Installation, 2012

Newly refurbished theater at the heart of the Stuttgart Stattsteater, the Schauspielhaus hosts many different events from theater play to ballet to opera to classical music.


“I was able to attend a play at the theater and was completely blown away with the experience. We are so pleased to see and
hear the reality of the Absolute 3D sound come to life and be integrated into their existing environment. Hats off to the Stuttgart team for doing such a great job,” says Renato Pellegrini.

“The sonic emotion system fits perfectly the requirements of today’s theatre productions: It generates a homogeneous listening experience for the whole audience and gives the sound engineer control of virtual sound sources. New approaches in creating theatre sound design can be taken. Musicians, composers and (of course) us love using the system! We also can’t wait to update to the new version and integrate our Main PA system into the system,” says Jonathan Eichhorn, Leitender Tontechniker Schauspielhaus.

Technical Specification

48 channels surround sound system perfectly integrated into the theater space.

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Pictures copyright Matthias Dreher.