Piccolo Teatro di Milano

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Piccolo Teatro di Milano
Milan, Italy
Temporary Installation (2014 and 2013)

Watch video of il Panico 2013 & La Celestina 2014
The voices of 17 characters come to life through the possibilities from the Sonic Wave I- 3D sound processor. With the combined application of WFS and Ubisense enabled tracking system, the temporary installation will be a forever memorable experience.
Author: Rafael Spregelburd, directed by Luca Ronconi
Sound Design: Hubert Westkemper

Technical Specification

2*8 D&B Q7 loudspeakers + 24 Kling&Freitag Sona 5

  • 500 seats in the stalls
  • 400 seats in the balconies
  • Large stage: 22*19 m

Click here for more information about the play il Panico and the Piccolo Teatro di Milano