M. Pokora R.E.D. Tour

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M. Pokora R.E.D. Tour
WaveI is touring!
France, Belgium, Switzerland

WaveI has joined the second part of the R.E.D. Tour of French artist M Pokora. It has been included in the package provided by On Off Audio for the last 23 shows from October to mid December 2015 touring through France, Belgium and Switzerland in 8000 to 15000 people Arenas.

The loudspeaker system consisted of four main Line arrays  left/right of the stage and outter left outter right (JBL VTX 25) and two central clusters (JBL VTX 20) and was there therefore perfectly suited to be equiped with WaveI!

WaveI was installed as an insert to the main desk. Front of House Sound Engineer Eric Berrard and System Engineer Boris Jacquier-Laforge were operating it, selectively extracting tracks from the main mix to go through the Wave I. They liked the system for the flexibility it offers into the mixing with brand new possibilities: very natural reverbs where loudspeakers simply vanish, natural unmasking of sound sources heavily limiting the need for extra eq and compression, and easy to operate spatial effects.