Institut du Monde Arabe

Absolute 3D Pro References
Institut du Monde Arabe
Paris, France
Permanent Installation since 2012

The Sonic Wave I breaks the barrier of conventional sound as it proves to be the show stopper at the Institut du Monde Arabe’s theater.

IMA – a cultural center, offspring of the partnership between France and twenty-two Arab countries, a real bridge between the two worlds, located in the very heart of the “Ville-Lumiere” – has chosen a system for its auditorium which enables them to ensure all 364 members of the audience to equally enjoy a full experience of any show, be it a show or a concert.


“The grand opening was filled with excitement from the installation of our Sonic Wave I and its Absolute 3D sound technology. The performance of the Wave I is going to bring amazing possibilities for people to experience the beauty of sound together with this state-of-the-art theater.”

Technical Specification

7*15 inch coaxial loudspeakers above + 12*8 inch coaxial loudspeakers on stage + 6 subs (TMS design, manufactured by APG)
364 seats
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