Futur en Seine

Absolute 3D Pro References
Futur en Seine
Paris, France
Rental Temporary Installation

Futur en Seine took place during the Cécile Le Prado installation “Le Promeneur Ecoutant.” This was an interactive installation where the player start (virtually) walking in a flat landscape. The player has to follow sounds located in the space (on 360°) or characters that guides he/she to places, then can trigger to make walls spring out of the ground. The “Promeneur” finishes the exploration on the “Place du Pantheon.”


“Mixage Fou was so happy to have Sonic Emotion and its Sonic Wave I Absolute 3D sound technology at our events that took place in Paris as well as at the Festival de Cannes. The Sonic Emotion team was more than supportive and having the Wave I at our award ceremony allowed the contestants to hear their mixes in an unparalleled sound.”

Technical Specification

16 speakers in circular set up for stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 playback over large listening area
Outdoor venue


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